This is the homepage for my portfolio of work in Learning Technologies. I began my journey into Instructional Systems Design in March, 2017. Through the Accelerated Online Program offered by the University of North Texas, I will attain the MS Learning Technologies in May, 2018. I will be completing a course in Web Authoring this fall.  At this time I have two projects on this website, "Your Toilet's Clogged! What Now?, which is a class project for LTEC 5220, and "Technology for Formative Assessments" for LTEC 5200. Please come back and visit this site this fall as I will be adding more fun and exciting projects!

Your Toilet's Clogged!

This small instruction showcases text, imagery, audio, and video .

LTEC 5220

Formative Assessments

Examines theory and practice in FA today.

LTEC 5200

Kennedy and Lincoln

Here a reading mashup of two speeches about peace.

Audio Only

American University Speech

Raw clip of the reading from President Kennedy's speech in 1963.

Audio Only